The Liebster Award

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I was nominated for the Liebster Award by The Gothic Witch previously known as Dreamer in The Real World. I admire her for her decision to slow down her pace of life and focus on what really matters to her. I look forward to new Gothic Witch posts. Thank you so much.

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To answer The Gothic Witch’s Questions:

If I could have any job, real or imaginary, then I’m afraid I wouldn’t be overly imaginative – I’d sit in my nest-like home and write books.

What really grinds my gears? Hmm that’s a question, I’m guessing it means gets on my nerves? – it would have to be the modern obsession with greed – for food, for possessions, for more all the time. Actually ‘less is more’ people.

My happy place, my heaven on earth? – being totally in the writing zone, in that blissful state of words flowing, the imagination whirring like a golden wheel.

What superpower would I choose and why? I’d be a kind of nature pixie, spreading flowers in drifts, scattering leaves, to make people look up from their difficulties and notice the beauty all around.

My most supernatural experience was when I was little in the 70s, being left in my Great Aunt Helena’s house on my own – she was definitely still there with her husband Harry, even though they’d both died in this world.

My greatest wish for myself is to grow old gracefully, maintaining my health and supple form (as much as possible), to carry on writing and dreaming until the moment I die.

My favourite colour is Blue. I think people are colours, and I am a Blue person. My balanced nature is to be calm and thoughtful. I need solitary time, I’m in tune with the sea and sky. Communication and clarity are important to me.

If I could live anywhere in the world, and why? That’s hard. I’d like to travel more so that might sway me, I want to go to India and Canada. But I love Canterbury, Oxford and Edinburgh, so maybe outside one of those cities. It would have to be in the countryside though as nature feeds me and keeps me sane – near a river. I also love Italy.

Besides writing, another artistic passion I would pursue? I do tapestry, knit, and quilt. I used to draw and do pastel paintings. Creativity is a huge part of my life so I’ve actually had to cut back because there isn’t time to do everything, and writing is the most important for me.

If I could live in any time period, when, where and why? Wow. Hmm. Tricky. I love the 1940’s style, and the sense of a country pulling together, but I don’t want to live through a war. I think life is too complicated and fast paced now, so a time when it was more basic would suit. I think ultimately, I choose to be optimistic and say – a time in the future, when we’ve stopped desecrating the planet. Where? As long as it’s rural I’m happy.

My favourite season is spring when the world comes alive after hibernation, when the buds open, the young are born, the sun gleams in a fresh sky, and I can taste new ventures.


  • My style switches from 1940’s housewife to hippy festival goer.
  • I used to eat so much meat and now I don’t eat any!
  • I love Sunday TV who dunnits: Grantchester, Endeavour, Morse, Lewis, Marple, Cadfael, Silent Witness, Case Histories…but I don’t write them!
  • I love to dance wildly to folk music, flute and a fast fiddle.
  • I also love Opera for its passion.
  • I adore Mildred Bailey and Sidney Bechet, that’s what I listen to when I cook, clean, garden, they are my day-to-day’s.
  • I think it’s OK to be sad. This assumption that you can be happy if you just get your life right is so unrealistic. Sometimes you must embrace the melancholic. I guess that’s not a ‘fun’ fact lol.
  • Dress up, lovingly make a dish of food to share, grab a drink, put on the music and party with those you love. Then get up early and write, write, write…


The Witch D

Sage and Synergy

Alexandria Gabriel

Memoirs of the Quiet

Spiral Wound


  1. What is your Buddha bowl – your comfort food?
  2. What is your morning ritual?
  3. If you could only keep 3 possessions what would they be? Why?
  4. What book changed your life?
  5. If you could hire an amazing costume for free – who would you go to the party as?
  6. What’s your personal remedy for feeling run down?
  7. What gives you the greatest joy?
  8. What culture, other than your own, intrigues you enough to learn more?
  9. You’re home alone for two days – are you excited? What are your plans?
  10. If you were a tree, which kind would it be and why?
  11. Can you smile right now? The biggest, face cracking grin ever, go on…

Thanks again to The Gothic Witch




Let the light in


In my first ever attunement to Selenite, I saw a cold, bright light that formed a pathway ahead of me. An intense energy pulsed all around me like clean air flowing, taking away all negativity, cleaning my aura, and lifting me up onto a higher plane. Meditating with Selenite is a wonderful way to connect to the true intuitive authenticity of yourself, clear of all worldly concerns. It’s a place to meet spirit guides to ask for help. After connecting with this crystal I always feel that any resentments, any dark and unhelpful thoughts, any barriers are dissolved away. I cannot sleep with Selenite close to me as my dreams are too intense, but it’s nice to carry through the day, keeping the mind sharp with a sense of endless possibility.

Clear Quartz is the crystal I work with more than any others. Attuning to it, I get buzzy feelings, deep, expansive breaths, crystalline snow, brilliant, sparkling light, and Snowy Owl energy. I’m always transported to icy mountains in the North. For me this is the place of wisdom, and quartz gives us that clarity and knowing. Quartz points are perfect for releasing excess energy in the chakras when the points face away. Or for energising weak areas by directing the points towards them. It’s an excellent tool for calming and clearing the aura, realigning the subtle bodies.

‘Albatross’ white streptocarpus is one of my favourites. I have several of these plants with their thick dark green leaves and abundant white flowers with just a hint of yellow at the throat. The petals have such a purity about them.

This is a layout I use at home to bring a breath of fresh air into the house. It’s uplifting and good for mental work, allowing me to put aside small worries and see things in perspective.

What is your experience with these beautiful crystals?

Sacral Chakra


The Sacral chakra is located just below the navel. It is associated with our right to have feelings, to be sociable and intimate. Its colour is orange, its connection with the ovaries and testes, its element is water. A healthy sacral chakra ensures balanced sexuality, creativity, inspiration, warmth and sense of worth. Therefore any sexual dysfunction, fertility or menstrual problems, kidney or urine infections, eating disorders, lack of self esteem, fear of not having enough in the world, and creative blocks all stem from this place. 

Rhythmic dance helps balance the sacral chakra, particularly belly dancing and pelvic rotation. Swimming is useful too, drinking plenty of water, and receiving counsel for childhood traumas or shocks that have left wounding in the body.

These are the main crystals I use personally to work on the sacral chakra: 

Carnelian is warming and energising. It helps women to find and relate to their strength and understanding about creativity and fertility. It connects with deep earth wisdom and ancestral knowledge. Low back problems, frigidity, and depression at the end of life, or fear of death can all be aided by this stone. 

Red Coral enables a connection to the wonder of nature. Its essence is watery, good for healing the blood and the life force. It holds ancient protection and the joys of creativity. Enhances natural acceptance of self.

Fire Agate activates the senses, enabling passionate creativity, pleasurable sexuality and contentment in day-to-day living. Poor circulation, apathy, and impotence can all be aided by this stone. It opens channels of expression.

Sunstone allows engagement with personal freedom and power. It encourages openness, warmth, clarity and enthusiasm, and helps us put aside worries and doubts. This stone is useful in bringing out qualities of leadership and masculinity, it balances yin moonstone and the two combine well together. Over-sensitive people,  those with damaging emotional attachments, or people using unrealistic behaviour, can be strengthened in working with this stone. 

Garnet is a fiery stone that can stimulate a controlled rise of Kundalini Snake energy. If you are in crisis, this stone can turn the issue into a challenge, bringing courage and hope to overcome. Use Garnet to work with sex drive, devoted love, and pleasure.

Moonstone is the stone of feminine mystery. It can be used as a talisman for the inner journey, for those on a path of self discovery. It’s a favourite of mine, as you can see I have several pendants that help me. Moonstone enhances natural intuition, and gentle flow through the cycles of life. It balances bodily fluids and calms the emotions. It speaks of peace and connection to the Goddess and Earth Mother. 

Silver is a metal that also connects us to the Goddess and the moon. It is the bright mystery that guides us through the darkness.


Things I’ve learned…


You can try your whole life through to be someone who’s not you.

Our shoes might have been made of the same materials, but our feet make the space inside different, and our soles cannot be on the same journey.

Youthful confidence is an outer coating, old confidence is an inner lining.

It’s okay to love someone from a distance if their life doesn’t fit next to yours.

Being the same is overrated.

Things can change in the flicker of an eyelash.

Rock the boat, then the crap will fall overboard.

Embrace your own skin, it’s the perfect fit, despite the scars.


Silver Flow


Beautiful Jacobaea Maritima or Silver Ragwort has velvet-like dusty silver green leaves. It is growing in abundance in my garden. I’ve placed it with a pretty white pearly shell, Moonstone and Frog’s Eye (Silver Tiger’s Eye).

Frog’s Eye is good for lack of confidence like all Tiger’s Eye. It’s an aid to times when concentration is crucial like exams. Useful in decision making, helps manifest abundance by attracting right situations. Good for fertility, eyes and throat.

Frog Spirit Energy helps with transition and movement through tough times. It symbolizes personal power, and promotes emotional flow, and connection to the child within – playfulness and joy cannot be underestimated as a means to accept change.

Moonstone is a crystal of mystery and connection with the feminine (for men or women), a talisman for an inner journey. In it’s reflective light we can find connection to intuition and the Goddess aspect of spirit. The tides and rhythms of the moon encourage us to look at the cycles and routines in our lives to see if they serve us. This stone helps release frustrations and balances the emotions, and fluids in the body. Good for stabilizing female systems. When I work with these stones I usually attune to White Hare Spirit full of artistry and sensitivity, a creature of solitude and grace, achieving quick results, but able to play the trickster.

Grey is a restful, neutral colour, isolating and still.

Silver calmly reflects our inner truth out into the world.


Root Chakra



These are the crystals I use personally for different reasons at the Root (Base) Chakra (clockwise from bottom left): Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Tourmaline in Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Ruby, Rhodonite, Shamanite (Black Calcite), Bloodstone, and Red Jasper. There are others you can work with too.

The Root Chakra is the place of survival in the body, the fight or flight response, and our right to physical and material security. Its colours are black and red, the associated gland is adrenal, the element is Earth.

To maintain a healthy Root Chakra it’s good to walk regularly, dance, garden, eat healthily, go barefoot, massage feet, and be passionate.

Signs of an under-active root chakra: Tiredness, lethargy, fear, obesity, insecurity, anaemia, problems with focus, feeling out of place, depression, low back pain, having no interest in anything physical.

Signs of an over-active root chakra: Being selfish, intimidating others, taking unnecessary risks, materialism.

Holding any of these stones, wearing them as jewellery, and sleeping or meditating with them can all help with grounding. They can also be laid on the body in the groin area, or next to the body at the same level.

Black Obsidian eliminates negative energies, helps in the understanding of the shadow side, to aid acceptance and to break unhealthy patterns. Useful for self abuse, eating disorders, and addictions. This stone connects to the void.

Mahogany Obsidian dispels unworthy feelings, good for personal and ancestral use, generally softer than Black Obsidian (although I have a Mahogany Obsidian wand with a very fine point which is excellent for working at a deep level, pulling out hatred or fear into the light).

Hematite supports the blood and circulation so it’s good for accidents and shock. It’s a very strong grounding stone which aids deep sleep and will always pull the body back into the present.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl) has parallel striations which help align the body and mind especially if used in a rectangular grid around the body. This stone holds strong energy, bringing feelings of safety, it reflects negative energy into the Earth. In Quartz it brings grounding to an over expansive heart.

Smoky Quartz has a warm, gentle grounding energy, but despite this it is a very powerful healer, dispelling stress and restoring focused, calm energy to the body and mind. When I meditate with this stone I find myself in a mountain cave, aware of the quartzy light outside, yet held by the mountain’s roots. Good for retreating into stillness. I also personally associate Bear energy with this stone.

Garnet is a fiery stone that can stimulate a controlled rise of Kundalini Snake energy. If you are in crisis, this stone can turn the issue into a challenge, bringing courage and hope to overcome. Use Garnet to work with sex drive, devoted love, and pleasure.

Ruby helps restore an enthusiasm for life. Allows that extra bit of energy if a lot is required of you. Excellent for stimulating sexual desire.

Rhodonite brings issues of the heart into a physical place so they can be shifted. It’s a gentle grounding stone, so good for children or those feeling vulnerable. Assists people in bringing their strengths to service in community. 

Shamanite (Black Calcite) is new to me. I had a powerful dream that I held a piece of black calcite, but when I woke I thought it strange as I’d never heard of such a thing, it wasn’t in my crystal books either. On further investigation I discovered this wonderful stone, that feels as if it called to me to be used. Very apt as I go on regular Shamanic journeys. It’s a protective grounding stone that aids connection to spirit guides and power animals. It clears negativity, releases fears of dying, and can aid soul retrieval. 

Bloodstone is earthy, grounding, organic and swampy. It holds Frog energy for me, and is good for fertility and circulation. It promotes endurance, and assists in making decisions that are challenging.

Red Jasper is powerful and strong. It talks of deep Earth power to me and has Turtle energy. This stone recalls the scars and rituals, the red ochre of cave paintings of our distant ancestors. It elevates our memories, especially of dreams and journeys. When you need abundant health and stamina, when you want to express your truth clearly, and walk your path strongly then choose Red Jasper.

This layout has bought some Root Chakra energy to my home. I’ve used a strong rectangular shape to promote grounding: